Town of Mountain City

City Hall 727-8005

City Mayors Office (Jerry Jordan) 727-2940

City Recorder (Sheila Shaw) 727-2916

Police Dept. (Denver Church) 727-8181

Parks & Recreation 727-2942

Sewer Plant 727-6655

Town of Mountain City 727-2917

Water Filter Plant 727-8561

Water & Sewer Emergency 727-2932

​Phone Numbers


Assessor of Property (Matthew Lewis) 727-7692

Board of Education 727-2640

Central Purchasing Agent (Dustin Shearin) 727-7861

Circuit Court Clerk (Melissa Hollaway) 727-9012

Civil Defense (Karen Manuel) 727-7929

Clerk and Master (Sherri Fenner) 727-7853

County Agent 727-8161

County Clerk (Tammie Fenner) 727-9633

County Mayor (Mike Taylor) 727-9696

County Hwy. Garage ( Jeff Wagnor) 727-7851

Director of Accounts and Budgets (Russell Robinson) 727-7977

Election Commission (Cheri Lipford) 727-8592

General Sessions Judge (Wm. Bliss Hawkins) 727-9486

Health Dept. 727-9731

Johnson Co. Airport AWOS 727-1223

Johnson County EMA (Jason Blevins) 727-2507

Johnson Co. Media Center 727-2604

Johnson County Public Libary 727-6544

Litter Control Officer (Sandy Warren) 501-1005

Register of Deeds (Freide Guinn) 727-7841

Sanitary Transfer Station 727-6921

School Bus Garage (Darwin Garver) 727-2681

Senior Citizens Center 727-8883

Sheriff's Dept (Eddie Tester) 727-7761

Sheriff Dept Records (Bev Graybeal) 727-5233

Trustee Office (Lisa Crowder) 727-9062

Emergency Dispatch Center for Johnson County and The Town of Mountain City